• Let’s say you do this thing, or make this stuff.

    And let’s say you’re thinking, boy howdy, it’d sure be cool if I could sell this thing, or stuff. Or maybe you already do sell it, but you’re really kinda itching to sell more of it. And you realize, whoa, if I could just get people to really see what this is, to really understand how it works, to really grasp how and why they want it and need it, well jiminy, I’d be cooking with gas. And we’re not just talking propane, but mined-on-the-moon, non-radioactive helium-3 nuclear fusion fuel.

    That’s sort of who we are. Fuel for your spaceship.


  • AHD offers comprehensive creative multimedia marketing support that can be deployed as an extension of your own marketing department, supplementing your in-house capabilities with our specialties: video production, social media strategy, branding and communications counsel. We’re a secret weapon for companies large and small, supercharging their marketing.

    Imagine what we can do for you.

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  • We get it.

    You want to know how we do what we do, so you can make a preliminary assessment as to whether or not we might be of any real help to you. We appreciate that. But surely you realize we can't exactly divulge all our secrets out here in the open without so much as a password and/or secret handshake and/or considerable bribe. I mean, maybe we really do have magical psychic marketing powers. Maybe we really do know what your name is, what you had for breakfast, what you're wearing right now and what you're thinking right now. But would we tell everyone that? That we're marketing mutants? No, of course not, because it'd freak people out. Nobody wants that.

    So here's what we can tell you...

  • We focus on delivering effective, affordable, targeted multimedia marketing solutions, custom tailored for any size business, ranging from start-ups to established players, with a particular specialty in the entertainment and tech industries. We take a pragmatic, holistic approach in designing comprehensive strategies that starts with listening to you (it's your call if you listen to us), understanding your brand (beyond simply your product or service), and identifying your needs (not to mention your audience of customers).

  • And we respect that you want to pay for outcomes, not overhead, so we manage costs by maintaining a core team of key players supplemented by a hand-picked network of contributors from various fields of expertise on a project-by-project basis. That's because we also understand that every client's needs are different, and that those needs can (and usually do) change and evolve over time -- which in turn allows us (and you) to stay extremely competitive while sourcing a pool of exceptional talent. Collectively we bring to the table a set of proven methods and tools, applied with our experience and expertise, calibrated against current trends and conditions, to connect with and influence people and their behaviors for your benefit.

  • Whether you need an online marketing or recruitment video, and/or a social media strategy, and/or branding (or rebranding) and/or comprehensive marketing support to launch your start-up, we're ready to kick ass and take names for you. And if we can’t deliver it, we won’t promise it; our track record of delivering projects on time and on budget has not and will not be broken.

    Fundamentally, we're here to make your life and job easier, so you can sleep and work better, knowing that we've got your back, and know what we're doing.

    (And we may or may not have a guy who's psychic every other Thursday.)

  • Services

    Video Production
    Communications Consulting
    Motion Graphics
    Web Site Design & Development
    Social Media Strategies & Implementation
    Social Media Management
    Interactive Design & Development
  • Why should you hire AHD? We'd be happy to regale you all the reasons why we think we're awesome, but why should you take our word for it? Check out some of our clients, and read on for what they have to say about working with us...

  • “I went back to the video today---The more I watch it, the more I love it! Thank you so much for all of your team’s hardwork. We enjoy working with you and look forward to future projects with you too.”

    - Dana DeLorenzo

    Membership/Marketing, The University of Texas Golf Club

    "AHD delivers results! They’ve consistently exceeded our expectations on a variety of projects from e- learning to demo videos. In fact, Jim’s footage of me speaking was so good it landed on CNN! Jim and his team deliver the three things we value most: quality, creativity, and reliability"

    - Jason Ryan Dorsey, Bestselling Author, www.GenHQ.com

  • "Jim Walters and his team have been critical in repositioning our company into the video age. Their technical skills and professional manner have been an integral part of our success. Jim and the team at AHD have our highest recommendation."

    - Brad Duggan, West Austin Properties

    "I've worked with Jim on projects since he was a freelancer, through the beginnings of AustinHD Productions into AHD Multimedia Marketing. One thing has always been consistent: Jim can't help but pour his heart and soul into everything he does. I’ll recommend Jim and AHD to everyone looking to put a little hot sauce in their marketing. He’s the best...."

    - David Gonzalez, Founder of The Internet Marketing Party™

  • "Jim and the team at AHD Multimedia have helped us "Step Up Our Game" in our on-line and off-line video marketing approaches! They truly have helped our message spread to more people in our niches with not only the right delivery but also with fantastic quality. Everything they put out feels like they have gone the extra mile for us...and we love it!"

    - A.J. Yager, Entrepreneur, Golf Fuel

    “Easy going, soft spoken, personable, knowledgeable, fun, family man and very professional when needed most is my best description of Jim Walters… I strive yearly to hire guys like him… they are far and few in between.”

    - Dixon Matlock, Vice President of Corporate Services, Intertech Flooring

  • "I wanted to take a minute to thank you for reaching out and suggesting that I add video to our recent sales promotion. You were right, the video you produced increased conversions by a large margin. I was reluctant to do a video because cameras scare the hell out of me. Working with you Jim was a real treat though. Your approach was so very natural and calm, and you set me at ease from the start so my regular nervousness of getting in front of the camera instantly faded away. Your thoughtfulness has really helped us out! Please let us know what we can do to help you.
    Thanks again... you rock!"

    - Jonathan Herbert, Velvet Rope Joint Ventures

  • "AHD is a quality post production services provider. Their standards of quality and creative talent have taken my ideas to the next level. It is companies like AHD that make Austin, Texas a great place to foster your production endeavors."

    - Randy Kerr, Documentary Director, Light of Congo

    "Jim and AHD are great! They are responsive, creative, easy to work with, and produce high quality work on time. Jim takes the time to understand the project and to provide his recommendations and feedback. I definitely recommend Jim and AHD for your video production needs!"

    - Robb Hoffheins, Director of Online & Product Sales, Envision, EMI

  • "AHD is an integral part of our ongoing marketing strategy at BetterNetworker.com. The quality of their work has helped us to become the #1 social network for home business owners."

    - Jesse Jameson, CEO Better Networker

    "First of all, I want to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work that you and John are putting in – the turnaround time always exceeds my expectations. You guys are awesome :). If you ever need a testimonial to promote the work that you do, definitely let me know."

    - Sarah Green, Extreme Entrepreneurship

  • "Thank you to AHD for all the help they've provided us with our growing video needs. Jim Walters and the team deliver work that is always extremely high in quality and always exceeds our deadlines. Jim is a valued member of our team and clearly enjoys what he does, always bringing his best for every project he delivers for us."

    -Mike Dillard, CEO, TheElevationGroup.net

    " Using AHD on our past video need for TrueWomb's website was a wonderful pleasure and they did a great job working with us and the talent. Babies aren't easy to work with sometimes, but AHD was professional, creative and very prepared to get the job done."

    - Clifford Hardesty, Founder/CEO TrueWomb, LLC

  • “The video presentations and interactive chapter player that AHD created for our website have helped to save us time and money in explaining our products and services. AHD helped to grow our business.”

    - Gayle Fuller, Founder & CEO GF Educators

    "There is nothing we would love more than to earn your business, help contribute to your success, and eventually add your comments and company logo to this growing list"

    - Jim Walters, Principal, AHD Multimedia, LLC


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